Say Cheese: Five Tips for Photographing Your Dog Using Your Phone

Capturing your dog’s priceless expressions or defining moments takes patience and a little luck.  A few simple tips can help you meet the challenge. Think about your dog’s special qualities. What would you like to remember? You can use your dog’s unique personality for photo inspiration.

Use Natural Light – The right lighting can make a big difference. Take advantage of natural light by photographing outdoors. Early morning or late afternoon produces softer shadows with less contrast. For indoor shots, photograph near a large window that lets in plenty of natural light and avoid using a flash that can startle or produce red-eye.

Document special features ─ Shoot straight-on and close up and personal when you want to record a special feature. Maybe it’s your dog’s eyes, a dainty paw or just an overall expression of joy. Whatever it is that defines your dog can make for a fun and playful photo.

Get down to eye level ─ Avoid taking photos from above. Lying on your stomach or crouching helps you to see the world through your dog’s eyes. Use a wide angle lens or aperture to keep the composition tight and exclude distracting elements in the background.

Use the Rule of Thirds ─ Many professional photographers use “the rule of thirds” to compose a shot. Rather than place a subject smack in the middle, they use the top, bottom or sides of the frame for the focal point. Bottom right has the most focal weight because it’s where the eye is naturally drawn. You can also keep the rule of thirds in mind to crop photos in interesting ways.

Capture daily routines ─ Whether it’s romping with playmates at a dog park or people-watching at a pet-friendly restaurant, daily routines offer lots of photo opportunities. They are often occasions when your dog is most happy and serene. Use the BarkHappy app to arrange special play dates, find pet-friendly hangouts and make new friends. Have your camera ready and take advantage of the situation.

Once you’ve produced a great pet portrait, Inspire others by tagging #BarkHappy on Instagram and Facebook to showcase both your fur baby and your photography skills. You can also use it as your dog’s BarkHappy app profile picture and share his unique personality with the rest of the world.