Our Philosophy

We believe dogs are happiest when they are out being social with their humans, meeting other dogs and people. We’re on a mission to build an active, engaged community of dogs, their owners, and  a platform for dog friendly businesses and events through real life experiences!  Take your dog and Go!

BarkHappy- (bahrk hap-ee) adjective.

a state of overt enjoyment and happiness that leads to uncontrollable expression through barking. e.g. The dog was having so much fun at the dog park, he was getting BarkHappy.



Technical Advisor


Chief Puppy Officer "CPO"
Ninis Samuel

Ninis Samuel

Founder & CEO


Database Consultant

Our Story

Its all about a love for dogs….

BarkHappy is the brainchild of our founder Ninis. After he adopted his dog Kerby from a rescue shelter, he would take Kerby everywhere with him, from small errands and lunches in the city to cross country flights. He noticed how happy Kerby was to go places with him and meet new dogs and other people.

Ninis found it annoying how hard it was to find information on dog friendly places in every city to take Kerby. There was no website or app out there with the real information that dog owners need to go more places and travel with your dog. BarkHappy was created to help every dog like Kerby be happier and live a more active social life. Its all about having real life experiences with your dog.

In addition to being the inspiration for BarkHappy, Kerby is our honorary Chief Puppy Officer and rarely leaves his side.

Our goal is to help you live a happier life together with your dog and support dog focused businesses/experiences. So take your dog and go!

BarkHappy Features Our Patented Technology:

Mobile Lost and Found Alerts for Dogs- US Patent  No.  9,839,197

Pet Friendly Search and Mapping System for Dog owners- US Patent  No. 9,347,783

Meeting coordination between dog owners- US Patent No. 9,605,969

The BarkHappy team is a group of dedicated dog loving people and their dogs,
all focused on helping celebrate dogs and the dog friendly world around us all.