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 Explore Dog Friendly Places and Events, Connect with Dog Owners Nearby, Even Lost and Found alerts and Deals!
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For Android and IOS 8+

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  • Find dog friendly places on the map!

    Search for dog friendly restaurants, stores, hotels, parks, and more. See their pet policies and amenities! Even add to the map yourself if a place is missing!

  • Attend Dog Friendly Events & Host Your Own!

    See upcoming dog friendly events and create/host your own group play dates with friends!

  • Discover dogs nearby

    Connect with other dogs nearby to make new friends. Send wags, messages, and more!

  • Lost and Found Alerts!

    Create lost or found reports and alert other users in that area with your dog’s photo and important information.

  • Exclusive Offers

    Special deals just for BarkHappy users on product for your pup!

The mobile app your dog has been waiting for!

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