Tips for traveling with your dog

It’s officially Spring! There are lots of wonderful events going on this time of year, and plenty to do outside with your fur kids.  Don’t leave your best friend at home – bring him along to explore and enjoy your vacation together! Here are some tips for successful travel:


Road Trips


Make it comfy. Ensure your dog feels at home in the car with a bed, pillow or his favorite blanket. Bringing his much-loved toy is a good idea too.


Plan for pit stops: Frequent stops help your dog stay stress free. Don’t forget those poop bags!


Safety First:  Consider a doggy safety belt or attachment that will help keep Fido safe and secure in his seat. Dogs should not travel in pick up beds


comfy travel (1)




Pet in Cabin: Most airlines allow small dogs to travel in cabin as long as they can fit under the seat in front of you in a carrier. Call or check each airlines pet policy online. There are also fees and limits on how many dogs each flight allows in cabin.


Get the right carrier: Be sure your dog is comfortable and has room to turn around. Give your pup a small blanket and toy.


Bathroom before and after: Take your dog to the bathroom right before your flight and limit water intake. On your way out, most airports have a pet relief station outside baggage claim. Your pup has been holding it in, so be sure to take him straight outside first, then go back and wait for your luggage.





Check Pet Policies: Use the BarkHappy app to check a hotels pet policy. Each one is different, but there are almost always dog friendly hotels to choose from in every city!


Travel Bowls: Pack some small, collapsible travel bowls. They are great when in hotels, but some awesome hotels include pet beds and bowls for their furry guests.


Dog friendly activities (dont just leave them in the hotel)


Parks: Check out the local dog parks and plan some fun outdoor time for your pup.


Restaurants: The barkhappy app has thousands of dog friendly restaurants and bars, so you can plan ahead to take your best friend exploring and to meals with you.


We hope you and your dogs enjoy some fun trips this Spring and Summer!


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