Dos and don’ts for dining with your dog

Did you know there are thousands of dog friendly restaurants across the country? The next time you head to brunch or dinner, consider taking your pup with you! Here are some tips on how to do so the right way:



  1. Find the right place. The easiest way to do this is using the BarkHappy app. Open a restaurant’s profile to see if they allow dogs on their patio or indoors, have water bowls, treats or amenities like covered seating. BarkHappy helps you find the best spot for Fido!


  1. Go potty before. Make sure your dog has a chance to go to the bathroom in advance to avoid accidents. Bring a leash and bags to dispose of waste.


  1. Play and exercise first. If Fido has a lot of energy, exercise him before your meal so he isn’t too rambunctious.


  1. Bring treats. Be prepared to keep your pooch occupied while you eat. Bring his meal in a puzzle toy and have some treats on hand to reward him for good behavior.


  1. Post pictures! Support your favorite dog friendly spots by showing them some love on social media. Restaurants adore cute photos of their doggie patrons. Plus, we all want to see your dog looking #BarkHappy!



  1. Bring an aggressive dog some place crowded. If your dog usually can’t handle being in crowds or in close quarters with strangers or other dogs, it’s smart to ease them into dining out. Timing is key. Plan to eat before or after peak times so the restaurant isn’t totally packed.


  1. Give up. Practice makes perfect. If your first doggie dining experience doesn’t go well, work with your dog to improve their behavior and try again.


Happy dining! We look forward to seeing your photos out and about in Austin, Seattle and Portland. Make sure to tag your photos #BarkHappy to be featured on Facebook and Instagram.