Best Toys for Destructive Dogs

A Need to Gnaw

If you find that your dog seems to chew through your best shoes, carpet or children’s toys, you are not alone!  It’s common for dogs to exercise their natural need to chew on any item that might smell good and offers resistance for a strong jaw work-out.  If you find that your dog is getting into some bad habits, you can redirect this need to gnaw on more appropriate toys instead of your new leather boots or a beloved catcher’s mitt.

It’s best to nip this habit early on and reward your dog with treats for chewing on toys, rather than chewing other things in your house.  Be sure to keep your dog active and entertained as you introduce these new toys into your routine.

Keep these items in mind as you explore nearby places to find these solutions using the BarkHappy app.  You should try out a few different types of toys, based on your dog’s size, strength and obsession.  Here is a sampling of the most indestructible chew toys to help satisfy this need, and keep everyone happy!

Solid Rubber is the toughest:

  • Kong makes a variety of shapes and sizes, balls and rings; some stuffed with treats. The tires look so appealing, it’s hard to resist.
  • There are many different Y’s, bones and chews; look for ones with double layers of rubber which are very resilient, like GoughNuts or Jakpopin Dog Chews.
  • Ethical Pets, Snug or Jolly make different types of exercise balls that are not meant to deflate.
  • Flavored chews will keep a dog interested, such as Bacon Cheeseburger by Nylabone; or you can go with Ruff Dawg Mint Flavored Dog Chews –whose dog bones are made to be tear-resistant.
  • … And many other solid rubber toys in many shapes and sizes!

Other Compounds similar to Rubber are also great, but have to be replaced sooner; look for non-toxic on the label:

  • Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Dog Toy – these round balls are very strong and can be stuffed with treats; or Jakpopin offers solid versions.
  • West Paw ZogoFlex Hurley Dog Toy – not only bounces but floats.
  • Discs and Frisbees have the advantage of being used to play catch or can double as a food or water dish.

Additional Types of Toys aren’t quite as strong, but can provide variety and keep your dog interested:

  • Squeaky Toys – are not the best chew toys, so look for durability and watch out that the ‘squeaker’ doesn’t get dislodged.
  • Plush Toys – can often be shredded apart very quickly, so look for durability with extra seams and stronger fabric
  • Hard Plastic Toys – be careful about the material and quality of these because they can easily flake and crack. You do not want your dog ingesting the pieces!
  • Tennis Balls – are a short term solution, but be careful to get an appropriate size so they are not a choking hazard.

Another impressive chew toy is called Indestructabone – from Bullet Proof Pet Products.  It comes in 7 sizes and has notches on the ends to fill with peanut butter or another goody.  Created by frustrated dog owners, this toy is made of non-toxic Upvc, and has no plastics or BPA.  Or you can splurge and get your dog raw-hide treats or real bones, but watch out for splintering.

By chatting with your BarkHappy friends, you might discover other great answers from other dog lovers.  As with all toys, make sure to check them frequently in case pieces become detached which could become a potential health hazard.  If your dog is possessive, keep other animals and children away from a favorite new toy.

Stay tuned to the BarkHappy blog.  We will continue to talk about other solutions for destructive behaviors in upcoming articles.