6 Dog Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

While most of us believe our dogs are superstars in the making, these Instagram favorites really are. They amass millions of followers by stealing hearts with their sweet faces and winning personalities. Here are just a few of the top dogs of Instagram that help make us believe dogs truly rule the world and help us have a #BarkHappy day!  Try not to smile..we dare ya!

Scrappy the Doxie: (@scrappythedoxie} Scrappy first made his public debut running toward the camera in a teddy bear costume. He’s been charming followers ever since. It’s easy to see why. With his deep, penetrating eyes and soulful expression, Scrappy has managed to melt hearts on Instagram, (as well as Facebook and Twitter) and currently has over 65,000 Instagram followers. Recently he was joined by new housemate Obie. Together, the two of them bring a special kind of Doxie joy and love to the rest of the world, proving good things really do come in small packages.

Manny the Frenchie: (@manny_the_frenchie) A pushed in face, big round eyes, and a sweet, smiley expression has helped make Manny the Frenchie a famous A-lister. Manny has his own website and regularly makes public appearances. To date, he has helped raise over $100,000 for charities that include the Special Olympics and the ASPCA. Manny’s growing popularity and social media following includes one million Instagram followers alone, and soars even higher when combined with Facebook and Twitter. Not bad for a little French bulldog whose breeder once labeled “unsellable”.

Momo:  (@andrewknapp) Who doesn’t love the intelligent and exuberant Border collie? And Momo seems to epitomize the breed. He has his own bestselling e-book entitled Finding Momo: Coast to Coast in which he is the hidden subject in variety of places and adventures throughout the country. His owner, photographer Andrew Knapp, has captured Momo in hauntingly beautiful photos on his Instagram page that boasts nearly 600,000 followers. He notes that Momo “Is the ideal travel companion…completely at peace with a wrong turn or a breakdown.”

Jiff the Pomeranian: (@jiffpom) This pint-sized peanut is small in stature but big on accomplishments. Jiff Pom is not only an Instagram star with 3.8 million followers, he is also an athlete who can do hand stands and ride skateboards. Jiff seems to be a ball of energy in motion and has modeled, appeared on the morning talk show circuit, and even made a cameo appearance in the Dark Horse video by Katy Perry. Jiff Pom has his own calendar, puzzle, moji, phone case, website and of course, Instagram page.

Tonkey: (bearcoat_tonkey} Tonkey is a fluffy bear-coat Shar Pei whose sweet comical face and innocent green eyes seem to define cuteness. At just four months old, Tonkey had more than 165,000 Instagram followers who can’t seem to get enough of her wrinkles and teddy bear good looks. Tonkey’s owner Christine Park says Tonkey is as sweet and as gentle as she looks.  Her Instagram page was created to help raise awareness about Shar Peis and made Tonkey an internet sensation.  But to her owners, Tonkey will always be a “dog child who is the best part of their day.”

Tuna: (@tunameltsmyheart} Part Chihuahua, part dachshund, with a bit of who knows what, little Tuna is a rescue who was found abandoned on the side of the road. Since the day he was adopted he has not looked back. With his goofy snaggley-toothed overbite and sad beginnings, Tuna has pulled on the heart strings of his 1.8 million Instagram followers. His rise to Instagram fame has allowed him to have his own calendar, T-shirts, mugs and travel guide book called The Traveling Tuna.  Tuna truly is a hero: He has tirelessly toured the U.S. with the goal of raising awareness about animal rescues, proving that beauty is only skin deep.


Every dog is unique and special.  Think you have the next social media star? Post photos of your dog on  Instagram with the hashtag #BarkHappy and share his star quality with the rest of the world.  BarkHappy loves to repost and celebrate great doggy photos! So be sure to follow @barkhappy for more fun photos of happy pups from around the world!