5 Movies Dog Lovers Can’t Miss

By Sheilah Villari

  1. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale > Based on a true story, Hachiko’s vigil for is owner’s return for over 10 years demonstrates the unwavering loyalty our dog hold for us. Friends Fur-ever
  2. Best in Show > This mockumentary perfectly displays how it’s easy to turn pampering into and obsession. To be fair it’s completely understandable how we all think our dogs are winners and treat them as such.
  3. UP > The dogs steal the show in this Pixar film. If only all dog could communicate with special collars like Dug. We all fell for him when these words translated through, “I have just met you, and I love you.”
  4. John Wick > Any dog lover can relate to avenging the death of their beloved fur baby with bloody satisfaction. This movie doesn’t skimp on action or sentiment.
  5. Marley and Me > Just because a pup is misunderstood doesn’t make them bad. Marley teaches us that learning to understand some else we learn to understand ourselves.