10 reasons we are thankful for our dogs

As the holidays get closer, we always take a moment to think about what matters most. There is a lot to be thankful for and our dogs are at the top of that list year after year. There are so many reasons to be thankful for our four-legged children, but here are a few of them.

  1. Dogs put a smile on our face. No matter what kind of day we’ve had, dogs make us feel better. Their sweet faces and playfulness are always a mood booster.
  2. They encourage us to exercise. Walking with dogs is a great way to get in shape and keep our dogs fit too. Plus we get to check out all the awesome dog parks in Austin. Now that the temperatures are cooler, there are no excuses!
  3. They easily forgive and forget. Ever make your dog mad? The great part is they don’t hold a grudge…at least not for long.
  4. Dogs are great listeners. Sometimes we just need to vent. Telling our dogs about a hard day is therapeutic. They listen carefully and never talk back. Just getting our worries off our chest is enough most of the time.
  5. They are the best cuddlers. Lower temperatures means extra cuddles! Dogs love sitting on the couch with us, cuddling up with a soft blanket. They don’t care if we’re binge-watching Netflix, working on our laptop or cheering on our favorite team.
  6. They aim to please. No matter what. And it’s wonderful. Sit. You got it. Stay. Sure, why not. Shake. Done. Fetch. You betcha. Who else has this mentality their entire life?
  7. Dogs give us a reason to get out and enjoy the city . Exploring is the best dog parks and dog friendly bars and restaurants is a wonderful way to spend the weekend. There are so many fun places to try and it’s much more enjoyable to explore with a four-legged friend.
  8. They are extremely loyal. They stick by us through thick and thin. It’s comforting to know our dogs will always be there for us.
  9. They accept us just the way we are. Dogs don’t care if we didn’t get that promotion at work. They don’t mind if we’re out of shape or our home is a mess. Dogs don’t mind if the dinner we made was a disaster. They love us for being us.
  10. Dogs provide unconditional love. They are the only creatures that love their owners more than themselves. And that is truly amazing.


Don’t forget to show your dog how thankful you are for them this Holiday Season. Do something fun around town that you’ve never done before. The BarkHappy app will help you do this with your pup in Seattle, Portland, and Austin.