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Unusual Places that Welcome Dogs

Sharing adventures with your dog doesn’t have to mean the same old hiking trails, car rides or dog parks. The BarkHappy app gives you access to the dog-friendly world and makes it easy to plan a unique getaway. For those interested in mixing it up with some new experiences, here are some unusual places that […]

5 Facts About Dogs You Didn’t Know

Raising a dog can be filled with discovery. Day-to-day interactions with our canine family members brings us joy and teaches about unconditional love. But there still may be a few mysteries – some facts about dogs you may not know. Dogs like music depending on its type. Just as music influences our moods, it has […]

Your dog ate WHAT? True stories of crazy things dogs have eaten

Whether they are motivated by curiosity, hunger or an insatiable need to chew, some dogs manage to swallow some bizarre and unusual things. In a recent poll, thousands of BarkHappy app users were asked to submit the strangest things their dogs have eaten. These canines have taken the art of eating to a whole new […]

6 Dog Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

While most of us believe our dogs are superstars in the making, these Instagram favorites really are. They amass millions of followers by stealing hearts with their sweet faces and winning personalities. Here are just a few of the top dogs of Instagram that help make us believe dogs truly rule the world and help […]

Dogs Welcome: Pet-Friendly Places to Take Your Dog This Winter

If you think winter means dogs must spend long, boring hours confined to the house, think again. The BarkHappy app makes the dog-friendly world one-touch accessible and features many short get-away places that will keep your dog stimulated and active. Use it this winter as a quick and convenient way to connect to a variety […]

Eat, Drink, and Bark Happy: Holiday Meal Tips for Your Dog

Just as we enjoy holiday gatherings with family and friends, our dogs also sense the excitement. Whether they are lying next to the oven for hours inhaling the smell of a roasting turkey or gathering under the table waiting for special morsels to fall, dogs join in our celebrations and are a part of the […]

Small Dogs on the Go: Some Airline Travel Tips

Exploring new places with your dog is a rewarding and bonding experience. But for some, flying provokes anxiety. Planning, preparation, and a few helpful tips can make the experience easier. Call ahead   Pet policies vary with each airline so it’s best to call ahead.  Be informed about your specific airline’s rules with regard to size, […]

Say Cheese: Five Tips for Photographing Your Dog Using Your Phone

Capturing your dog’s priceless expressions or defining moments takes patience and a little luck.  A few simple tips can help you meet the challenge. Think about your dog’s special qualities. What would you like to remember? You can use your dog’s unique personality for photo inspiration. Use Natural Light – The right lighting can make […]